Anti – Scalping Policy



Nippon Niche does not support nor condone scalping or product hoarding for the purpose of artificially raising the price and value of a product, particularly products that are still in print or publication.

All products purchased through Nippon Niche ( will be priced at their recommended MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) unless the product is sourced through an importer. Products that are sourced through our importers are subject to a minor price increase due to shipping & handling fees and tariff & import taxes. We do promise that the price will not be more than a $5 to $20 difference to the US retail price.

Nippon Niche takes a very strong stance against scalping and believes that Anime and Manga is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Furthermore, with the current shipping and product shortages we will now be taking action against any order that is placed for multiples of the same product that are being shipped to the same individual or address.

Sale Restriction for In Stock Out of Print Titles

Due to the severally over priced resale market for out of print manga and our intention to operate on the good faith of anime fans and honest collectors we must limit the sale of all in stock but out of print titles to a single unit. We believe all anime should be enjoyed by all and for a fair price. If a title is out of print, all the more reason to help fans add it to their collections so that the title can be enjoyed for life. We do not wish to accuse any of our customers of being scalpers, so we apologize to any customer that wishes to purchase more than 1 unit of an in stock out of print title, but we must apply our anti-scalping policy fairly to everyone.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you can also take joy in knowing someone else, like you, will get to experience a hard to find title just as much as you will.

As of October 20 2021 the following actions will now be taken to limit our inventory from getting into the hands of scalpers:

1. Any order that has more than 2 of any product with a matching SKU will have the product order reduced down to a quantity of 2

2. All products will be limited to a 30 day rebuy period to the same household. Any order placed within the 30 day limit that includes previously purchased products will require authorization from a member of the Nippon Niche staff before the order can be released (This means if you are purchasing a copy of a product that has already been purchased within the last 30 days, the order will need to be authorized by a staff member through direct communication via email or phone before the order is released).

3. All orders that violate our policy but have been placed and completed via our automated system will be cancelled and refunded after a staff member contacts you regarding the policy violation.

4. The purchase of all in stock out of print titles will be limited to 1 unit per sale. Any orders that are completed through our automated system will be adjusted down to a single unit after confirmation with the customer. An email discussing our policy and the need to adjust the order will be sent to all customers who order more than 1 copy of any in stock out of print title. We will wait 24 hours for a response and should we not receive any we will automatically adjust the order, refund the difference in price and ship out the single unit to fulfill the order.

We firmly stand by our no scalping policy and promise to do our utmost due diligence to get our products into the hands of anime fans who want to build their collections for a reasonable and respectable price.