Interested in building your collection but don't have all the cash up front to pay for everything? Take advantage of our COAB Progam - best known as "Collector on a Budget". C.O.A.B. gives you the opportunity to buy what you want without having to pay a huge bill upfront.

With COAB there is no interest, no fees, and no credit check.

Payments can be as small as $20 a week and can be paid through PayPal Zelle, or Credit Card.*

*there is a 3% transaction fee on all COAB payments made by credit or debit card

If you know you want to build your collection and think C.O.A.B. would be a good tool to help you do so then head on over to our C.O.A.B. Line of Credit Application.

C.O.A.B. Line of Credit is not available to minors.

The Process is fast, simple, and requires no credit check. Just a few simple questions is all it takes.

Once we receive your completed application our team will review your application and verify any necessary information.

Should you be approved you'll be issued a introductory line of credit. Over time, the limit on your line of credit can increase as long as you've continued to pay back any outstanding balances in a timely and reasonable manner.

C.O.A.B. is a service offered out of trust and faith to our customers. While it costs  you nothing to use and involves no additional costs or fees so long as the balance is paid; customers who fail to repay their accounts without good cause or maintain contact with our staff are subject to interest, late fees, and submission to account collections and/or small claims legal action.

We know anime can get expensive, we also know how much it hurts to miss out on something you absolutely want in your collection when you don't have enough money to get it. We know your pain, let us help.