A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Edition Vol. 1


Story & Art by Yoshitoki Oima
Published by Kodansha
Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Romance, School life, Coming of Age
Page Count: 744


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The award-winning modern classic about a girl who can’t hear and her bully, which inspired the acclaimed anime film from Kyoto Animation, returns in a beautiful, two-volume collector’s edition. Each extra-large, deluxe hardcover contains over 700 pages of manga on crisp, premium paper, and more than fifty pages of new content.

Voices Come in Many Forms

In elementary school, Shoya Ishida led his peers in tormenting a classmate who couldn’t hear, Shoko Nishimiya. When Shoko transfers schools, Shoya finds he has gone from bully to bullied, and he’s left completely alone. Six years later, Shoya struggles to redeem himself in Shoko’s eyes and to face the classmates who turned on him.

This deluxe, large-sized hardcover includes the first half of this award-winning manga as well as over fifty pages of content never published in English before. Enjoy color art and concept sketch galleries, early drafts of the story, and interviews with creator Yoshitoki Oima and others, packed with behind-the-scenes details!


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