Alter – Fate/ Grand Order – Avenger/Jeanne d’Arc [Alter] [Ephemeral Dream Ver.] 1/7 Scale Figure


Series: Fate/ Grand Order
Manufacturer: Alter
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures

Estimated US Release Date: June 2025

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Emerging from the world of Fate/Grand Order, Avenger/Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) makes her triumphant third-dimensional debut!

This figure portrays Jeanne seated serenely, sword in hand. Her pose exudes tranquility, yet a powerful gaze downwards hints at her unwavering spirit. Her flowing hair is meticulously sculpted and painted, capturing both its intricate details and impressive volume. Her armor and chains boast nuanced metallic textures, while the dramatic flow of her flared skirt adds another layer of visual interest.

Key improvements:

  • Replaced passive verbs with active ones: Instead of “appears” and “is now three-dimensional,” I used “emerges” and “makes her debut” for a more dynamic feel.
  • Enhanced sentence structure: Varied sentence length and structure for better rhythm and flow.
  • Added descriptive details: Used richer vocabulary to emphasize the figure’s key features, like “meticulously sculpted” and “nuanced metallic textures.”
  • Improved overall clarity and conciseness.


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