Aniplex – Overlord – Albedo [Lingerie Ver.] 1/7 Scale Statue


Series: Overlord
Manufacturer: Aniplex
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures

Estimated US Release Date: April 2025

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Wearing a shimmering pure white lingerie in a seductive and glamorous pose, the figure gazes at you with an entranced look as if trying to seduce you.

This figure is beautifully sculpted down to the smallest detail, from her smooth black hair that’s flowing down her body to the individual feathers of her jet black wings. Her golden eyes bring out her captivating gaze, and the delicate pattens of her lingerie shines with a golden glow. The figure comes with a fur base that’s soft and smooth to the touch. Don’t miss this opportunity to add the enchanting Albedo to your collection!


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