Bandai – Gunpla – Mobile Fighter G Gundam – RG God Gundam/Burning Gundam 1/144 Scale Model Kit

$54.99 $38.49

Series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Manufacturer: Bandai Hobby
Product Line: Gunpla
Product Category: PLAMO – Plastic Models

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God Gundam from “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” joins the RG model-kit lineup from Bandai,

By pursuing the widest range of motion in RG history by adopting the structure of the human body the advanced MS joints on its shoulders and wrists allow you to recreate its characteristic folded-arms pose.

The telescoping gimmick in the shoulder improves side-to-side motion of the arms and a three-axis structure in the neck means God Gundam can pull in its chin and stick out its head!

The rear of the knees shows a dent to accommodate realistic motion, and a new mechanism is used to move the toes, allowing the feet to touch the ground while the legs are open nearly horizontally!

Multi-stage movement from the chest to the waist is possible, and a slide mechanism in the hip joint greatly increases the range of motion of the legs. Maybe best of all, a movable shaft is mounted on the base of the nail and thumb cover to reproduce the God Finger move!

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  • God Slash (x2)
  • Hand parts (x1 set)
  • Sun Wheel effect connection joint
  • PET sheet for Sun Wheel effect
  • Realistic decal stickers


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