Dragon Ball – Goku Fes!! Vol. 16 – Goku


Manufacturer: Banpresto
Series: Dragon Ball
Line: Goku Fes!!
Category: Statue

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“You’re not half bad. What was your name again? Jr. Funny, you really remind of King Piccolo, and if you’re anything like him then this will definitely be one heck of a fight.”

As the World Tournament reaches it’s climatic final battle, Goku is faced against the mysterious Jr. Just who is the young man and why does he carry an aura so similar the fallen king of evil?

Banpresto continues their Goku Fes!! line with a new statue featuring an adult Goku from the final World Tournament of Dragon Ball. This 5 inch statue is crafted with painstakingly show accuracy to give fans a true feel of Goku’s ultimate challenge. This statue is a perfect piece for any fan.


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