Let This Grieving Soul Retire Vol. 01

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Story by Rei Hebino
Art by Chyko
Original Story by Tsukikage
Published by Yen Press
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Page Count: 172

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“All we need is one goal—to be the strongest heroes in the world!”

​In a land where treasure hunters scour vaults appearing from the past, Krai Andrey and his friends swore a childhood oath to become the mightiest heroes of all. There’s just one problem: While his old companions have become living legends, Krai is the poster child for mediocrity…and he knows it! But despite his best efforts to leave the treasure-hunting life, he has gained quite the reputation by association—and with it, enormous expectations. Can Krai pursue his dream of retirement, or is he destined to fail forever upwards?


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