Megahouse – G. E. M. Series – Digimon Tamers – Sakuyamon 1/7 Scale Statue


Series: Digimon
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Product Line: G. E. M. Series
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures
Estimated Release Date: January 2024

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Available on January 31, 2024

From “Digimon Tamers” comes the beautiful female-type shrine maiden Digimon who on behalf of God’s will.

“Sakuyamon” is now available in the G.E.M. series.
Using the evolution scene as a motif, the dignified silhouette standing on the surface of the lake and the effect of cherry blossoms at night highlight the beauty of “Sakuyamon”.
Also pay attention to the coloring of the armor and the molding with the edge of the Kongo cane.
In an atmosphere where you can still hear the song playing during the evolution scene,
It has a finish that allows you to enjoy both her coolness and beauty.


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