Megahouse – Variable Action Heroes – One Piece – Zoro Juro – Wano Country


Series: One Piece
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Product Line: Variable Action Heroes
Product Category: Action Figures & Toys
Estimated Release Date: April 2023

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Megahouses’ Variable Action Heroes series featuring ONE PIECE has finally entered The Land of Wano with their their latest addition being the Straw Hat first mate Zoro Juro.

This figure is produced with a manga accurate form of Zoro from his swords and even his outfit.

Built with highly articulated movable joints that allow for flashy action poses.

This figures stands at about 175 mm in height.

With the abundant wrist parts and 4 facial expression parts you’ll be able to recreate a plethora of manga original scenes.

It is a product that would make for the perfect addition to any collection or the best toy that any young fan could want.

Be sure to grab this figure and it it to your Wano Country collection with the already released Captain Luffy!


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