NEONMAX – Azur Lane – Dido [Anxious Bisque Doll Ver.] 1/7 Scale Figure


Series: Azur Lane
Manufacturer: NEONMAX
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures

Estimated US Release Date: March 2025

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Dido, a light cruiser from “Azur Lane,” is now a lovely figure from Neonmax in her “Anxious Bisque Doll” skin!

She’s arriving at a fancy party, wearing a uniquely designed and breathtaking gown; she has to pause a moment to adjust one of her elegant shoes, and finds herself the center of attention of at least three of the gentlemen in attendance!

While she spreads her majestic black wings to help her balance, one hand caresses her hair, one gallantly offers her support, and a third gets very familiar with her right thigh!

The hand at her right thigh can be removed if you prefer.


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