No Matter What You Say, Furi-san is Scary! Vol. 1


Story & Art by Seiichi kinoue
Published by Seven Seas Entertainment
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of life, High School Life; Gyaru Ai
Page Count: 138

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)

An ordinary high school boy is terrified of his scary-looking (but secretly sweet!) yankii girl classmate in a romantic comedy of crushes and misunderstandings.

Furi Youko definitely looks like a delinquent: she’s got a tough-girl image that wouldn’t be out of place in a gang. When Taira Namito finds himself sitting next to her in his high school class, he’s immediately afraid of her. But as it turns out, Furi’s rough-and-tumble exterior hides a wholesome, totally cute person underneath–and she’s got the hots for Taira. (Not that he has any idea, of course.) One misunderstanding leads to another in this romantic comedy about a clueless dude and the adorable, slightly terrifying affections of the tough girl by his side!


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