SOL International – Phantasy Star Online 2 – Gene [Summer Vacation Ver.] 1/7 Scale Figure


Series: Phantasy Star Online 2
Manufacturer: SOL International
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures

Estimated US Release Date: December 2024

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From “Phantasy Star Online 2 es,”Khorshid” appears in the game’s battle uniform! Khorshid,

the main character of the Season 3 story quest in “Phantasy Star Online 2 es,” has been sculpted into a figure dressed in the formal attire of Malakef, a poetic tribe of the ancient people of Erzimarte!

The characteristic combat uniform is carefully reproduced in detail. The armor in each part and the hardness of the DN wing on the back are carefully represented by painting.

The powerful and dignified expression on her face as she prepares for the battle over the “Score” has been reproduced exactly as shown in the illustration.

Of course, you will also enjoy the softly sculpted body, which boasts the largest volume of any of the characters in the series.

Please observe the detailed modeling and coloring supervised by Mr. Nidy-2D- and the Phantasy Star Online 2 es team!


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