Takopi’s Original Sin


Story & Art by Taizan5
Published by Viz Media
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Psychological, Mature, Slice of Life
Page Count: 416

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Time travel can’t heal all wounds.

Cute little alien Takopi lands on Earth. What is his mission? To be taken to our leader? No. To spread happiness throughout the universe!

The first person Takopi meets is depressed fourth grader Shizuka. (Or is it…?) Takopi is determined to do whatever it takes to make Shizuka smile again. But his misguided attempts to help her by using his advanced technology to turn back time only result in mayhem and death.

What is the truth Takopi can’t remember? And what must the pink alien octopus with a heart of gold sacrifice to truly help Shizuka and her friends…?


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