VOLKS – VLOCKer’s – Nexate – Falchion Model Kit (Limited Edition Ver.)


Series: VLOCKers
Manufacturer: Volks
Product Line: NEXATE
Product Category: PLAMO – Plastic Model Kits

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

A special edition of “Falchion”, a new robot designed by Nidy-2D- based on a flying mecha motif, is now available with clear runners!

The visor of the clear head, chest parts, blade, and other parts can be made clear. It comes with black and yellow clear runners that can be used to make the parts that are clear! With the special feeling of clear, the charm of the aircraft will surely be brought out to the maximum!

A new robot in the NEXATE series, “Falchion”!

New to the VLOCKer’s NEXATE series is the VLOCKer’s FIORE “Iris” and finally the robot “Falchion”!
The main points of the robot’s stylish design are its sleek silhouette and sharp edges!

Each joint is flexibly posable, allowing you to enjoy a variety of poses from dynamic to delicate actions!
The 4mm and 3mm joints located in each part of the figure allow you to freely reassemble it with the VLOCKer’s series!

Combine with Iris!

The Iris, also based on the flying mecha motif, is a perfect match!
You can attach the armor of Iris to each part, or attach the main body of Falchion to Iris, and reassemble it as only a block toy can!

You can even transform the robot form into a flying form and put the FIORE series on board!


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