You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! Vol. 02


Story by Kota Nozomi
Art by Azuma Tesshin
Additional Contributions by Giuniu
Published by Seven Seas Entertainment
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Mature, Slice of Life, Ecchi
Page Count: 176

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Thirty-something-year-old Ayako never expected her college-student neighbor, Takumi, to confess that he’s in love with her. But now that he has and her attempts to dissuade him have failed, Ayako feels more torn than ever. That is, until her daughter Miu shares some shocking news–Takumi’s already moved on to someone new! But if this is the development Ayako’s been waiting for, then why does she feel so upset? And why is she spying on him while he’s on a date with his new flame?!


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