AmiAmi x Amakuni – Chainsaw Man – Power 1/7 Scale Statue


Series: Chainsaw Man
Manufacturer: Amakuni
Distributor: AmiAmi
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures
Estimated Release Date: September 2024

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From the anime “Chainsaw Man”, “Blood Fiend” Power is sculpted in her casual clothes from her first visit to Aki Hayakawa’s house!

Looking at her expression and posing, you can see that it is filled with the pompous and arrogant atmosphere typical of Power combined with an appearance of a beautiful girl.

The flowy hair and the impactful jagged teeth have been carefully sculpted, and since it is a scale figure, the amount of details given with extra attention can be reproduced.

The innerwear peeking out from the collar of the T-shirt, the damaged look of the denim, the stitching of the sneakers and the texture of the leather have all been recreated in various ways.

Of course, the number “76.1” printed on the T-shirt is spot on.

In order to reproduce Power’s physique, the neck and waist are sculpted in a way that will give the figure a beautiful girl’s look.
Her breasts are sculpted based on the situations when they were padded and voluminous.

The iconic weapon, the hammer, is sculpted in the same size as the original, and is also heavily painted with a blood-soaked finish to give it the “Blood Fiend” look.

The bluntness of the hammer is also expressed through the adaptation of a vignette-style base.

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