Classroom of the Elite – The Manga Vol. 09


Story by Syougo Kinugasa
Art by Yuyu Ichino
Character Designs by Tomoseshunsaku
Published by Seven Seas
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Psychological, Romance, High School Life, Action
Page Count: 156

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Students of the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School are given remarkable freedom—if they can win, barter, or save enough points to work their way up the ranks! The second special test is nearly over, and Ayanokouji and Horikita are still trying to figure out Ryuuen’s plot and win the test for Class D. Looking inward at his own group, Ayanokouji decides to use the test to determine how useful his volatile classmate Karuizawa can be as a pawn. Will Class D succeed and gain the upper hand, or has Ayanokouji made a fatal error in judgment?


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