Crazy Food Truck Vol. 01


Story & Art by Rokurou Ogaki
Published by VIZ Media
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Post Apocalyptic, Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Thriller
Page Count: 200

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Zero customers, a naked young lady, and an armed militia—it’s just another postapocalyptic day for this food truck owner!

The owner of a food truck in a postapocalyptic world nearly runs over a naked girl sleeping in the middle of the desert. When he gives her a lift, he inadvertently takes on her baggage too—an armed militia hot on her trail…and her even more problematic appetite. If one doesn’t take him out, the other surely will!

Gordon is a gruff, middle-aged cook running a food truck in a sand-covered wasteland. When he encounters Arisa, a naked girl sleeping in the middle of nowhere, he takes on the unintended traveling companion and her unexpected appetite. Too bad she also has unexpected baggage—an armed militia hot on her tail! Fasten your seatbelts for postapocalyptic cooking and violent mayhem on this crazy food truck road trip!


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