Frame Arms Girls Magatsuki Model Kit


Manufacturer: Kotobukiya


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This is a completely newly designed Frame Arms Girl.

3 types of pre-painted face parts are included (default, injured, and sad).

The characteristic clear armor of Magatsuki is recreated with clear parts and has engravings carved


The 3mm joints enable this model to be assembled into the default form as well as a special “Kunoichi

Mode”. Various accessories can also be attached giving fans the ability to customize this model.

2 sets of long sword “Tenkai” and short sword “Satsuga” are included.

The sheathed/unsheathed versions of the weapons are recreated without replacement parts.

Joint parts are included to attach the long sword “Tenkai” to the model’s heel.

It is possible to assemble the headgear into a large version, or into 2 smaller variants.

A simple round base is included. The attachment parts can be moved up and down.

Optional joint parts for the thigh are also included.

Hip joint parts are also included.

The pop-out chest and shoulder joints can be moved, allowing for a wider range of movement.

Using the sliding joint on the hip and the pop-out joints on the thighs together will allow for a wider range of


The hand parts are attached with a ball joint, allowing you to post the hands in a variety of expressions.

The model kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts. The joint is compatible with other Frame Arms Girl

model kits, allowing you to change out the hands to make your own custom Frame Arms Girl.

Decals of eyes, markings, etc. are included.

The 3mm connectors on the arms and feet are compatible with gear from the MSG and Frame Arms



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