Gahi-chan Vol. 01

$13.00 $9.10

Story & Art by Toritata
Published by Yen Press
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Page Count: 176

The 1st volume of this hilarious new series has dropped!!
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When a struggling manga artist finds a buxom girl who’s the spitting image of his own series’ heroine nude on his doorstep, it seems like a dream come true! But sadly, his drawings didn’t suddenly spring to life—the girl’s a gahi, a tentacled yokai who eats artwork and turns it into suits of skin, which she then wears like a glove. “Ruki” is hooked on the taste of his pen, and will do anything to get more! Is this girl(?) a worthless freeloader, or could a formless entity actually be the perfect model?


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