Good Smile Co. – Hyper Body – Artery Gear: Fusion – AG-01 Lark Nio Action Figure


Series: Artery Gear: Fusion
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Product Line: Hyper Body
Category: Action Figures & Toys
Estimated Release Date: April 2024

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“All personnel, open hatches immediately and brace for impact!”

From the popular smartphone game “Artery Gear: Fusion” comes the cool and cute AG-01 Lark Nio as the first figure in the new Hyper Body series!

The series combines an “Action Body”, a completely painted action figure, with “Hyper Parts”, ready-to-assemble plastic model parts, allowing one to enjoy the charms of both mecha and beautiful girls! Accessory parts include her Lightning Stream Cannon special weapon and a melee weapon, the Lark Blade.

Her characteristic wing parts can be displayed stowed or deployed with the use of interchangeable parts. The combination of high articulation and abundant parts allow for the creation of all kinds of poses and scenes from the game in figure form! She’s ready to fight for the survival of humanity with you, Commander!

*Images are of a fully painted and assembled product.


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