Hakoiri Musume, Inc. – Goblin Slayer – Priestess 1/6 Scale Figure


Series: Goblin Slayer
Manufacturer: Hakoiri Musume
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures

Estimated US Release Date: September 2024

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Available on September 30, 2024

In the domiciliary cave of goblins, two heroines wage a desperate struggle for survival

GOBLIN SLAYER, the smash hit dark-fantasy Web Novel and light novel series, authored by Kumo Kagyu-sensei is back!! The series as amassed over 10 million copies in circulation and received an adapted TV anime originally broadcasted on Oct. of 2018 and a second season released in the Fall 2023 anime season

A tale of a boy haunted by memory his elder sister’s was rape at the hands of the goblins Goblin hordes; he dons the name of Goblin Slayer.

He’s a remarkable individual who achieved the rare feat of ascending to the silver rank (3rd rank). The story unfolds as he embarks on an adventure with his companions, including the Priestess.

1/6 scale figures of the popular characters, “Priestess” and “Sword Maiden,” have been have been faithfully recreated depicting their desperate struggle in the goblins’ lair, where the two heroines are surrounded by the menacing creatures.

The base, representing the cave’s interior, is generously sized at 25cm in width and 19cm in height. When you place both figures on the base closely, you can share in the tremendous impact of the scene. The striking contrast between their expressions, filled with fear as they face the goblins, and the subtle glimpse of dewy skin through their torn clothing is the most captivating aspect. Please note that the actual products may have slight variations from the images and details provided.


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