Handyman Saitou in Another World Vol. 02


Story & Art by Kazutomo Ichitomo
Published by Yen Press
Genre: Isekai, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Dungeon Crawling
Page Count: 176

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Despite his lack of special strength, Saitou has become an irreplaceable member of his party. After he stumbles upon a hidden cavern, swarms of adventurers descend on the labyrinth in a frenzied search for priceless treasures and mysterious artifacts. Saitou himself is no exception—his discovery holds some connection to his former home, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it. These new arrivals bring with them a feeling of tension that fills the dark halls, and danger lurks around every corner as some seek to take all the spoils for themselves. In the end, though, Saitou will show even the most selfish and ruthless dungeon-delvers just what a handyman can do!


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