Into the Deepest, Most Unknowable Dungeon Vol. 05


Story & Art by KAKERU
Published by Seven Seas Entertainment
Genre: Action, Adventure, Isekai, Romance, Fantasy, Mature, Horror
Page Count: 178

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The blind Guide named Bato has her heart set on romance, and with a bit of advice from a pair of cheeky teenagers, she’s doing everything she can to seduce the apple of her eye. Yet not all is well in the lands around Aegis. The redcap known as “White Mask” has long been the bane of its adventurers, and now he’s been sighted once again. Ruthless, elusive, and seemingly invincible, he’s claimed the lives of countless humans around humanity’s walled fortress city. Jean is destined to come face-to-face with this monster of a man-hunter, and their collision will be a battle to remember!


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