It’s Just Not My Night! – Tale of a Fallen Vampire Queen Vol. 1

$13.99 $12.59

Story & Art by MUCHIMARO
Published by Seven Seas Entertainment
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Slice of Life, Reverse Isekai, Monster Girl
Page Count: 200

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In this sexy comedy, a feisty vampire queen is stuck in our world and brought to her lowest point by the most terrifying prospect of all: a part-time job!

Powerful vampiress Manamir is on the verge of world conquest, but when a teleportation spell goes awry, she finds herself stranded on Earth. Not only has she been flung into a world that’s not her own, she has lost the very power that defines a vampire: the ability to drink human blood! Manamir has to make ends meet somehow, and she’s about to discover that it’s a hard world out there for a single working woman in this raunchy supernatural comedy!


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