Love’s in Sight Vol. 05


Story & Art by Uoyama
Published by Viz Media
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Page Count: 200

Love blooms between a tough delinquent boy and a spunky girl with a vision impairment!

Morio Kurokawa is the toughest-looking tough guy around. Yukiko Akaza is a self-possessed girl with a vision impairment attending a school for the blind. The whole city fears Morio, but Yukiko sees the real him—he’s a soft sweetheart who’s just searching for his place in the world!

Yukiko is continuing to adapt well to her part-time job when she bumps into Kurisu, her shy and noncommunicative coworker, who’s on the verge of quitting. Because her daily life relies on spoken communication, Yukiko struggles to connect with him, but that won’t stop her from lending a helping hand!


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