MS GENERAL – Syokon-Ki: MG-03 Cao Cao x Bi Fang Plastic Model Kit


Series: Syokon-Ki
Category: PLAMO – Plastic Model
Manufacturer: MS General

After an extended delay, we are proud to announce that we have finally received Kotobukiya’s Aika Aikawa Jin-AI Megami Device Model Kit!!
Do not miss out on adding this kit to your collection today!!

Availability: 6 in stock (can be backordered)

SYOKONKI is a series of mecha and girl plastic kits with a bold modern arrangement based on the motif of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the monsters.

The hero of the Three Kingdoms and the legendary beast that has been handed down in Chinese has beens recreated with a beautiful Mecha Musume or Robot Girl motif. From MS Gernal comes the Syokoni’s 3rd Three Kingdoms legend: Cao Cao, the legendary leader of the Wei Kingdom. He is accompanied by the Wei Kingdom’s Guardian Beast Bi Fang, the legendary Phoenix.

Now with MS General’s previous kits you can bring Shu’s legendary heroes Zhao Yun and Guan Yu to the forefront of battle against their eternal rival.

Cao Cao is one the most prominent historical figures in the Romance of Three Kingdoms. Her partner “Bi Fang” is the legendary Phoenix that appears in the book “Classic of Mountains and Sea”, a tale handed down from ancient China.

This kit stands at approximately 15cm tall when completed and is made of PVC, ABS


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