Mysterious Girlfriend X Vol. 06


Story & Art by Riichi Ueshiba
Published by Kodansha/Vertical Comics
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slife of Life, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Page Count: 428
Estimated Reprint Date: December 2022

This hilarious title is finally receiving a reprint!!
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Available on December 31, 2022

Drool-Worthy Denouement

As the school year wears on and the warmer months arrive, the boys enjoy the sight of the girls in their softball uniforms and swimsuits. Tsubaki invites Urabe to watch the fireworks from a place that holds special memories for him. Oka describes how she and Ueno first started dating, and Urabe comes clean to Tsubaki’s sister about their relationship. When Urabe “sees” an important event from Tsubaki’s past, she makes him an offer that will bind them together even more closely…


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