Nocturnas – Illustration Original – Kanko’s Autonomous Doll Bamiru 1/6 Scale Figure


Series: Kanko’s Adventure Girls Guild
Artist: Kanko
Manufacturer: Nocturnas
Product Category: Statues & Prize Figures

Estimated US Release Date: March 2025

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From Kanko-sensei’s beloved “Adventure Girls Guild” series comes the enchanting alchemist, Autonomous Doll Bamiru, meticulously recreated in this stunning 1/6 scale figure!

This figure faithfully captures the intricate details of Kanko-sensei’s illustrations, from the delicate hair ornaments adorning her head to the beautifully crafted accessories adorning her waist.

Admire the unique joints that showcase Bamiru’s status as an “autonomous doll,” and marvel at her impressive proportions that belie her doll-like form.

Bring home the charm of Bamiru-chan today and add a touch of magic to your collection!


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