Sakura Saku


Story & Art by Io Sakisaka
Published by Viz Media
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Shoujo, Slice of Life, High School Life
Page Count: 192

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The bud of bittersweet first love takes bloom!

A mysterious boy comes to Saku Fujigaya’s rescue when she falls ill on a train, but he leaves before she can thank him. After this experience, Saku never ignores strangers in need of help to emulate the boy who helped her.

Saku Fujigaya would like to thank the boy who helped her, but all she has is a note signed “Ryosuke Sakura.” She discovers that a boy at her high school, Haruki Sakura, has an older brother named Ryosuke. She asks Haruki to deliver her thank-you letter to Ryosuke, but why does he refuse?


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