Skytube – Dark Advent – Sophia Relax Ver. 1/12 Scale Model Kit


Manufacturer: Skytube
Distributor: Alphamax
Series: Dark Advent
Product Category: PLAMO – Plastic Models
Estimated Release Date: July 2023

This sexy new model kit is now available for preorder!!
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Availability: Available on backorder

Available on July 31, 2023

The fourth plastic model kit in the “DarkAdvent” series is here!

When she’s not fighting, the girl who borrows power from a demon to fight is just Sophia, the girl who borrows her power from Chu-Hi! (Don’t worry, she’s an adult!)

Her cute embroidered baby doll is interchangeable. She comes with new hand parts that allow you to recreate her relaxing in her room, as well as parts for her bangs, a cushion, a smartphone for her to play with, drinks, chips, and a table, and much more!

A cute little version of the dragon demon is also included.

In addition to Sophia’s tampo printed smiling face, she also comes with 5 blank faces and decals for her expressions.

Reserve now and enjoy the demonic charm of Sophia powered by 9% Chu-Hi!

  • Accessories: 10 hand parts, 6 face parts (1 expression part with tampo printing, 5 blank face parts without tampo printing), hair parts x1, mini dragon x1, table, cushion, smart phone, potato chips, can of chuhai (large) x2 and (small) x2, decal sheet x1, POM joint, base set (large) x1, (small) x1
  • Material: ABS, PVC, POM


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