Snail Shell – Front Armor Girl Victoria 1/12 Scale Action Figure


Series: Snail Shell’s Original Figure Line
Manufacturer: Snail Shell
Product Category: Action Figures & Toys

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“Hello, my adorable captive. You must pay for the sin of attacking me from behind.”

Meet Victoria, also known as the “Front Armor Girl!”

A beautiful battle maiden with an unprecedented 1000% defensive power and overflowing confidence!

She dashes through the battlefield in her powerful armor, and transforms into an elegant lingerie-clad beauty the moment she returns to her hideout!

[Product Features]:

The veil (non-removable) is made of fabric, adding a touch of realism to the design.

Interchangeable hair parts for armored and basing forms.

You’ll receive both the armored and basing forms, a total of 2 figures! Some parts can be used between the two forms.

The basing form highlights the delicate beauty of the girl’s physique, meticulously crafted with lace sculpting and gradient painting on the body.

Fully poseable eyeball mechanism allows for free movement of both eyes, enabling various expressions when combined with different face parts.

The included weapon comes with exciting features. The rifle magazine is detachable and can even combine with the bayonet! The bayonet can be used separately with the hand parts provided.

Magnets integrated into the left forearm and shield of the armored form allow for easy attachment of the shield using magnetic force.


  • Armored form body  x1
  • Basing form body  x1
  • Fully poseable eyeball face parts  x4 (Normal, Smiling, Winking, Angry – including those attached to the figures)
  • Mini tool for changing the line of sight  x1
  • ‘AG-115S’ Rifle (with detachable magazine)  x1
  • Shield  x1
  • Bayonet (can be combined)  x1
  • Interchangeable hand parts  x10 (For Armored form: Relaxed left/right hands, Rifle-holding right hand, Bayonet-holding right hand. For Basing form: Relaxed left/right hands, Rifle-holding left/right hands, Bayonet-holding left/right hands – including those attached to the figures)
  • Support pillars  x2
  • Clips  x2
  • Clear pedestals  x2


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