Square-Enix – Bring Arts – Xenogears – MARIA BALTHASAR & CHU-CHU Action Figure


Series: Xenogears
Manufacturer: Square – Enix
Product Line: Bring Arts
Product Category: Action Figures & Toys
Expected Release Date: June 2024

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From Xenogears, Maria Balthasar, a young girl who serves as a guard for the aerial nation of Shevat, and Chu-chu, a member of the Ooki tribe, join BRING ARTS as a set!

The figure depicts Maria’s dignified expression despite her youth, her distinct curled hairstyle, and the ribbons and goggles she wears. The collar and sleeve of her outfit, as well as the pleats of her skirt, have been carefully detailed and textured. Included are additional face, hand parts, and arm parts that allow the figure to be portrayed with her hands clasped together in front of her waist. Chu-chu’s cute appearance and coloring are also recreated, and the legs are movable, allowing the figure to be posed in a sitting position. Figure includes a display stand.


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