Square-Enix – Play Arts Kai – Kingdom Hearts III – Riku – Action Figure


Series: Kingdom Hearts
Manufacturer: Square – Enix
Product Line: Play Arts Kai
Product Category: Action Figures & Toys
Estimated Release Date: March 2024

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Available on March 31, 2024

Riku, the keyblade wielder and childhood friend of Sora and Kairi joins the PLAY ARTS KAI line in his KINGDOM HEARTS III appearance!

The texture of his hair, the shading of his skin, the gold buttons, the wrinkles in the clothes, and other details have been carefully considered.
A fanatstic representation of Riku, who has become more dependable and gentler through the adventures of the series, the figure is a sight to behold.
Includes additional hand parts and Riku’s iconic Keyblade, “Braveheart,” making it possible to replicate iconic poses.


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