Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs (Manga) Vol. 03

$12.99 $11.69

Story by Yomu Mishima
Art by Jun Shiosato
Character Designs by Monda
Published by Seven Seas
Genre: Isekai, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Slice of Life, Isekai
Page Count: 162

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The prince and his posse get the smacketh downeth for being so head over heels for Marie!! The successive defeats of Julius and his gang send a cry of dismay rolling across the spectator stands. However, it makes no difference whatsoever to Leon. Now that the prince and his boys have lost, will they break up with Marie as per the terms of the duel? If you’re just a background character anyway, why not stir the pot a little? Give those goons who are so used to having their way a good kick in the butt! Death to all hotties! Nobody can stop this absolute heretic of a protagonist from going on an ass-whooping spree!


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