VOLKS – FFS – Vaiola Crumars II 1/100 Scale Model Kit


Series: The Five Star Stories
Manufacturer: Volks
Product Line: IMS
Product Category: PLAMO – Plastic Model Kits

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

Completely recreating a distinctive, unique style

With 13 runners, and a total of 361 parts.
Unique among MH designs, we succeeded in perfectly replicating the VAI O LA through injection kit.

We devoted ourselves to thoroughly reproducing the complete kit, with its unique head shape, voluminous shoulders, ample outspread skirt armor, backside cloak armor, etc… IMS introduces VAI O LA’s distinctive uniqueness to stand alongside the already numerous MH designs!

Two types of heads are included: Pied Piper Specification and Bakin-Lacan Specification. It would be good to compare the two versions, who are made of the same MH model, but have a completely different feeling. You can also reenact the famous duel-to-the-death with the previous IMS release “TERROR MIRAGE”!


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