VOLKS – VLOCKer’s Fiore – Lily Plastic Model Kit


Series: VLOCKers
Manufacturer: Volks
Product Line: Fiore
Product Category: PLAMO – Plastic Model Kits

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New version of VLOCKer’s FIORE “Rose”, which has gained great popularity for its gorgeous design and slender proportions, “Lily” is now available!

Twin-tailed hair reminiscent of lily petals, and special armor that transforms into a large claw has been added!
She has a feminine style and an aggressive armament, and her seemingly unbalanced design is very attractive!


■ POINT 1: Lily’s main body!
Based on the slender proportions and flexible range of motion of “Rose”, but with a change of accent colors and head design!
The twin-tails are delicately sculpted down to the tips of the hair!

■ POINT 2: Attack Mode!
By attaching the armor on her shoulders to her wrists, it can turn into a “Large Claw”!
She has many movable joints that allow for flexible movement!
You can reassemble each part to create your own weapon!

The slender proportions of Ms. YUKITO’s beautiful designs! When decorated with armor, you’ll enjoy the feminine, gorgeous silhouette of FIORE!

■ POINT 3: A variety of face parts are included!
Comes with four expressions newly designed for Lily by Ms. YUKITO!
A variety of expressions are included, including a calm, cool expression and an angry expression that goes perfectly with her attack mode.
It’s pre-printed and you can easily change her face you want to play with!

[Product Descriptions]

  • Kit Size: Non-scale (Height: Approximately 185 mm / 7.3 in)
  • Joint Size: 4 mm (0.16 in)


  • Nine-color cast injection kit (made of PS, PE, PVC, POM, ABS)
  • Pre-printed 4 face parts
  • Eye decals included


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