Wings – Blue Archive – Shiromi Iori [Swimsuit Ver.] 1/7 Scale Statue


Series: Blue Archive
Manufacturer: Wings
Category: Statues & Prize Figures
Estimated Release Date: October 2023

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Available on October 31, 2023

From the mission to the beach, is nothing sacred?!

Shiromi Iori, the second-year student at Gehenna Academy and the captain of the Disciplinary Committee from the popular smartphone game “Blue Archive,” is taking a break to relax at the beach (although she insists she’s in the middle of a reconnaissance mission)! She’s reclining in a beach chair, with a towel carefully spread on top to protect her skin from the chair’s surface, with her unique rifle, Crack Shot, nearby just in case. Her sleek bikini and coy smile are very appealing, and her devilish tail is plainly on display, too! Her base features a sandy texture, with a starfish and a couple of seashells for extra atmosphere — you can almost hear the waves and seagulls! This figure will bring a touch of endless summer to your collection — order her today!


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