Game Toys – Final Fantasy VIIR – Tifa Lockhart 1/6 Scale Action Figure


Series: Final Fantasy
Manufacturer: Game Toys
Product Category: Action Figures & Toys

Estimated US Release Date: July 2024

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Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication from the manufacturer, we have had to raise the final retail price for this figure!!
We will be contacting every customer who has a preorder for this figure to discuss all available options, including full refunds!!

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From Game Toys comes a nearly lifelike, 1/6 scale action figure, of everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy VII girl, Tifa Lockhart!

[Product Details]:

  • 11.41 inches tall (29cm)
  • New Independent Research And Development Of Two-dimensional Ratio Full-body Plastic Female Body*1 Gtd-g01 (Medical-grade Silicone Is Used For The Whole Body)
  • 1 Puppet Display Bracket
  • 1 Additional head (Rear Hair Is Detachable And Replaceable)
  • 10 Replacement Hand Types
  • 1 Right Magic Crystal Bracer
  • 2 Left Arm Guard
  • 2 Shoes (One Pair
  • 1 Bar
  • 2 Bar Stools
  • 1 Wine Bottle
  • 1 Shaker
  • 1 Yellow Spirit
  • 1 Red Spirit
  • 1 White Vase
  • 1 Little Yellow Flower Sent By Claude
  • 1 Bar Background Board


  • 1 White Top
  • 1 Black Underwear
  • 1 Black Cuff
  • 1 Black Skirt (The Skirt Part Is Made Of Genuine Leather, And The Strap Is Made Of Pvc At The Side)
  • 1 Black Panties
  • 2 Black Long Socks
  • Pre-order Bonus:
    • 1 single Ponytail Hair (With Ball Joints, Direct Insertion Replacement Tube)
    • 2 Chocobo Claude



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