MS GENERAL – Syokon-Ki: MG-05 Xiahou Dun x Bai Hu 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit


Series: Syokon-Ki
Manufacturer: MS General
Product Category: PLAMO – Plastic Models

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The heros of the Three Kingdoms and the legendary beasts that have been handed down in Chinese lore have been recreated into a beautiful Mecha Musume or Robot Girl motif. From MS Gernal comes Syokoni’s 5th Three Kingdoms legend: Xaihou Dun, Cao Cao’s cousin and The kingdom of Wei’s longest serving general. Though she my have lost an eye in a battle against Lu Bu, her war never stopped. Against all odds, Xiahou Dun helped carry the Wei Kingdom through some it’s darkest times and even stood toe to toe against Shu’s God of War Guan Yu.

With MS General’s previous kits, Guan Yu and Cao Cao, you can recreate Xiahou Dun’s most terrifying battle or place her among her lord.

Her partner “Baihu” is one of China’s most notable Mythological beast. Depicted as a white tiger, baihu is known as the guardian of the West making him the perfect partner for Xiahou Dun to rival Guan Yu and her Guardian of the East the Dragon Raijin.

This kit stands at approximately 16cm tall when completed and is made of PVC, ABS


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